Modular machines, DevLog, Roadmap

Modular machines, DevLog, Roadmap

As the time is getting closer and closer to the Early Access of the game we got some more news from the game developers.

Dev log

CnC talks about dev log and here’s what they have to say:

Our newest dev log video introduces our modular system for vehicle series which enables us to create a multitude of variations of a model series while keeping the needed video memory low. As an example, take a look at the Joskin Delta-CAP series (5025/12DR100 through 5525/16DR120 with a capacity of 12.1 through 15.97 m³). The video shows finished ingame models (except for the separate lights) while the video itself has been rendered in Blender.

What’s new in the development section?

CnC has stated that they have good results in the game optimization. Also they say that in some critical phases they could double the frame rate for such aspects as huge amount of objects. Also, plenty of bugs have been fixed.

Moreover, game developers are further optimizing various game tutorials for beginners. Also, driving skills have been improved in various aspects as well.

Public roadmap

Roadmap will indicate what game details and when will be developed. Also it will show when one or another game feature will be available for example in the Early Access or in the finished game and so on. So let’s see what has been done.

A couple of details:
We’re working with four milestones that divide the Early Access phase chronologically. They do not have distinct dates yet, though.
The progress values roughly represent the current status, respectively.
Once a feature has reached 70%, we consider it playable and testable (in the EA).

You can see the full list in this link below:


Modular machines, DevLog, Roadmap
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