What is Cattle and Crops?

What is Cattle and Crops

Hey all farming fans, today we will start news series related to upcoming new farming simulator game – What is Cattle and Crops. Game developers have already stated what they are aiming so let us look what they have to say:

“Our mission is to turn agricultural and digital experiences into the ultimate farming game — a detailed simulator, that is as close to reality as a simulation game can get. Our goal is to have the game scalable, for both casual players and farming enthusiasts, while also using the newest technologies to make the game simply beautiful.

We are confident that Cattle and Crops will be your new favorite farming and management simulation and that you’ll love it as much as we do.”

Driving Simulation

CnC will offer detailed vehicles that will have custom functions such as mirrors, doors that will be interactive and many more. To make gaming experience look as close to real life farming a lot of attention was placed to physics and details such as sounds and ground interaction when driving.


What is Cattle and Crops

Cnc will offer you a wide variety of gaming experience for example if you want to drive and do all the farming yourself you can do that but if you want to manage your farm and have staff that will do all the work for you that will be also an option in the game.

Using employees you will be able to give all of them specific tasks like drive fruits, feed animal, harvest fields and so on. With time you will increase their skills and happiness.



In Cnc you can become a rancher, that means that you will have to take care of your animals like feeding them, cleaning stables and at the end selling them.

Terrain, Vegetation and Weather


The game ground system will include wheel and machinery tracks that will be influenced by the terrain depth and will leave highly detailed acre in surfaced when cultivating, plowing or just driving around.

Plants will also be affected by various parameters such as moisture level nutrients and possible disease factors. If you want to earn the highest profits from maximum yield you will have to take good care of your crops.

Cnc weather system is based on real statistical climate data that will be accurate and different on each map and will also be affected by different season as well. Weather will also can cause you to get stuck in mud if you will use wrong machinery. Furthermore, you will have to develop strategies in long rain or drought weather time. For example if there will be a lot of rain it will be quite difficult to harvest your crops and in drought case scenario you will have to find water source to water your crops.

As with most gameplay settings, the influence of weather and diseases can be customized or disabled fully in the gameplay options.

Campaign & Sandbox Modes


In the game you can select campaign mode. In this mode at the very start you will get tutorial quests that will introduce you to this quite challenging farming game and will teach you things how to do everything.

Experience the challenging life of a farmer, working your way up to owning your own farm and machinery. Improve your character by earning XP, specialize your business, and expand it to other maps. As a modder you’ll be able to easily add your own storyline by adding quests to your maps.

In addition, the game’s sandbox mode lets you test and play without any restrictions, XP or character specializations. Experience the challenging life of a farmer, working your way up to owning your own farm and machinery. Improve your character by earning XP, specialize your business, and expand it to other maps. As a modder you’ll be able to easily add your own storyline by adding quests to your maps.

Multiplayer (not included in early access)

Farming experience is much better when you can share your favorite game with your friends. In version 1.0 you will be able to join or your friends will be able to join each others farms to help with daily things.

Every multiplayer game also influences your game profile so that you receive extra XP and money for playing with your friends.

Modding Support

Game developers have also announced that the CnC will support mods.

“For us, easy modding is a crucial part of any game experience. We’ll actively support your modding efforts by providing modding video tutorials and the tools we use during game development, including an ingame map and vehicle editor.”


If by any chance you do not feel that as close to reality game experience is your thing, you will be able to customize a lot of game features such as weather, animal needs and so on in the gameplay settings.


The game will feature licensed brands such as:


Who we are

The game is being developed by Masterbrain Bytes GmbH & Co. KG is an independent game development company based in Bremen, Germany. Our team has a personal background in agriculture and consists of experienced engine developers and game designers, and professional 3D and environment artists.

Cattle and Crops is our first official game project, but our team members have many years of experience in game development and modding. For example:

RBDOOM-3-BFG [Doom 3 BFG engine mod with improved graphics]
MIG Map [Map mod]
Courseplay [AI mod]
Modhoster [Mod portal]
DriveControl [Driving mod]
GearBox [Gear Mod]
XreaL [Quake 3 Arena engine and graphics mod]

This is only a short list of public projects our team members have worked on. Some of them have also worked on commercially released titles in the games industry.

Masterbrain Bytes was founded specifically to develop and advance Cattle and Crops. Its sole purpose is to release and further improve the game: from the first version, then continuous improvements up to future versions.

But in the end, we are gamers. We’re developing this game because we want to play it, and we’re proud of the development achievements so far. Now it’s time to take the next step.


Our aim is to always continue development of Cattle and Crops, not simply increase the version number. New features, based on your feedback, will be added on a regular basis.
Every image or video not labeled as “concept art” is actual in-game content without any kind of polishing or manipulation.



System Requirements

Since the game is still in development, the following requirements may be subject to change.

OS: Windows 7/8/10 or Linux
CPU: Intel Dual-Core 2 GHz with Hyper-Threading or similar Quad-Core AMD CPU
Memory: 4 GB RAM
GFX: GeForce GTX 560 / ATI Radeon 6700 HD or above (with 1 GB VRAM or above)
Internet connection (Updates, Patches, Multiplayer)

Supported Systems

Cattle and Crops will be available for Windows 7/8/10, Linux and later Mac OS X. Currently, we are focusing on desktop PCs.

PS4 support may be available in the future, depending on the success of this campaign. While the licensed engine technology already provides support for it, a port would still require major additional amount of work on the engine code and the user interface.

What Technology We’re using

Our engine is based off the C4 engine by Terathon. We have heavily improved it to match our requirements, such as dynamic terrain, vegetation, weather systems and much more. The engine provides great modding support and is easy to use for both players and modders.

Game trailer:

Stay tuned for more upcoming news!

What is Cattle and Crops?
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